Working in Canada: How to get a job offer?

by | Jan 24, 2023

“I want to work in Canada, can you help me?”
“Can you help me get a work permit?”
These are two of the main questions we are asked every day.

“Do you have a job offer?” is what we’ll usually reply.
But that’s the tricky part, isn’t it?

So, how can you obtain a job offer in Canada?

The answer is far from simple, but here’s the advice we give our clients (depending on their situation) and the best way to immigrate to Canada based on our experience.

Find job

“I have my tourist visa/ETA approved. I just need to find a job.”
Coming to Canada as a tourist does not allow you to engage in employment. In order to legally work in Canada you need a SIN (Social Insurance Number), which as a newcomer you can only obtain through a valid Work or Study Permit. If you want to come to Canada and eventually make it your home, but you have no job offer or any idea where to start, we’ll usually recommend that you come to Canada as a student by enrolling in a school that will grant you a study and work permit.

“But why are you suggesting I go back to school? I want to work!”
By enrolling in a Canadian school, you will have access to first-world study programs at some of the best rated universities in the world, which will make your job search in Canada a lot easier and provide you with valuable Canadian work experience by allowing you to work part-time while you study.

Having work experience in Canada is very important for Canadian employers, and another one of the reasons why we highly suggest that you start your Immigration path to Canada by becoming a student. Having a study permit for a program that lasts more than 6 months will allow you to work off-campus part-time (20 hours a week) during your study period, and full-time (40 hours a week) during your authorized study breaks or once you begin the Co-Op part of your program.

Click here to read our most recent post about the Temporary Policy that allows students to work full-time in Canada.

Asking an employer to support your Work Permit application requires a big level of commitment from you and your employer. When you apply for an Employer-Specific Work Permit, you are only legally allowed to work for the employer defined on your Work Permit.
Working under a student visa will allow you to work for multiple employers and choose the best fit for you before moving on to applying for a closed Work permit with a specific employer. This way, you’ll also be able to show your commitment, work ethic, and abilities to a potential employer in Canada, and increase your chances of obtaining a job offer that will allow you to apply for a Work Permit and start working towards a Permanent Residence.  

Each job offer and candidate are unique and need to meet different requirements. Working with an Immigration Consultant will help you ensure that you meet the requirements for the job you’re applying for, and whether or not it will help you stay permanently in Canada.

You can use this link to book a free consultation with us so we can help you find the best study program that aligns with your profile, expectations and budget, or to help you assess your chances of obtaining a work permit.