Immigration to Canada from Mexico

by | Apr 27, 2021

There are many reasons why Mexicans immigrate to Canada. This country has a relatively stable political and economic environment, plenty of work opportunities, free healthcare, beautiful nature, and a low crime rate.

According to official data by the Canadian Department of Immigration, 2,430 Mexicans immigrated to Canada in 2020, which is 1,030 (42.4%) less than in 2019. Obviously, the main reason for this decrease is the COVID-19. Yet, Mexico still was ranked 17th among all countries of origin of Canadian immigrants last year.

1,040 (42.7%) of the total PR admissions from Mexico were economic class immigrants:

  • 525 (50.5%) individuals got the PR via Federal programs (including Express Entry and the Atlantic Pilot).
  • Another 515 (49.2%) Mexicans immigrated under the Provincial Nominee Program.

As for business immigration, unfortunately, in 2020, there were almost no such Mexican immigrants, although, in 2019, about 10 persons from Mexico used pathways for entrepreneurs.

The second-largest group of Mexican immigrants – is the sponsored family members.

1,055 (43.4%) Mexicans took advantage of this immigration route in 2020, including 900 Sponsored Spouses or Common-law partners, 105 Sponsored Children, and 45 Sponsored Parents or Grandparents. In 2019, 1,860 sponsored family members immigrated from Mexico to Canada.

Another 185 Mexicans immigrated as Resettled Refugees & Protected Persons. 

The remaining 150 individuals immigrated under the other categories, such as the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds.

Mexicans can select a wide variety of immigration programs. Based on immigration statistics as well as some unique opportunities, available for Mexico, the would-be-immigrants can select the following ways of immigration to Canada from Mexico:

  • Express Entry Federal Skilled Workers Program – Canada’s leading immigration program for skilled foreign workers with a higher or professional education and work experience. 
  • Express Entry Canadian Experience Class – for those Mexicans who are already in Canada as Temporary Residents: foreign workers and international students who obtained at least one year of Canadian Experience. 
  • Study Permit – Study in Canada allows Mexican students to come to Canada for higher or professional education. It also allows international students to work while studying! Eventually, this pathway will lead to a Post-Graduate Work Permit, which can be converted into Canadian Work Experience and result in PR via Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs for graduates of foreign workers.
  • Family Sponsorship – family class programs allow Canada’s permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their relatives in Mexico to move to Canada permanently.
  • CUSMA (ex-NAFTA) opportunities – Citizens of Mexico who work in specific industries are eligible to work temporarily in Canada under the Canada–United States–Mexico Free Trade Agreement. All you need is a degree or certificate in your professional field and an employment agreement with a Canadian company. As a result, this experience can be converted into eligibility to apply for PR in Canada.

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