Volunteering benefits as a newcomer!!

by | Mar 29, 2021

Becoming a volunteer can be an essential part of your employment strategy, especially if you are new to the Canadian job market.

Some employers want applicants to have Canadian work experience – and volunteering is one way to get it.

Connect to Others

Volunteering can be a great networking tool. Most volunteer work requires you to get involved in the community or work with others. It can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people, boost your social skills, and expand your networking circle, especially when you are new to Canada.

Volunteering to connect

Gain Professional Experience in Canada

Just because volunteer work is unpaid does not mean that the job you’ll be doing is very basic or unprofessional. Some of the opportunities even require training sessions where you get an opportunity to learn by practicing. 

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Improve Your English

Pursuing volunteer activity to help you improve your English is a smart, proactive idea. Try to choose a volunteering opportunity based on the skills you want to develop.

Develop professional relationships

Develop new networks, hear about job openings, training opportunities and networking events. Elevate your visibility amongst influential community leaders.

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Websites to find volunteer opportunities in Canada:

work experience in Canada

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